Waste Not Want Not at the Eco-Friendly Ethical Directory

If you are seeking an informational directory about ethical and ecologically friendly products and services, we’re going to be doing our best to fulfil that need at this new website.

Tip #1: Nowadays it is easier than ever to read labels to see if something is non-GMO or cruelty-free (to offer just two examples of practices that we consider eco-friendly. We love potato chips (yes, I know they aren’t that good for you), but even in your local Walmart, you can find Kettle Brand chips that state right on the label that they are Non-GMO.

More and more personal care products are hearing that consumers would prefer to avoid using soaps and shampoos that have been tested on animals. So, you’ll see such statements boldly printed on those products that don’t test on animals.

Stick around for articles; we’ll be back soon.

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