Why Consumers And Businesses Love Coupons

The advantages of coupons are numerous, both from the point of view of the buyer and the seller. Whether you’re looking for a big-box store coupon, a grocery store offer, discounted movie tickets, or a Testclear coupon 2018 is going to be a good year. The use of coupons has been increasing as more and more online sellers offer them and because there are now dozens of major coupon websites like Groupon and Woot.

For retailers and consumers who are still on the fence about using coupons, the following short list offers a summary of the advantages of coupons. The list is conveniently divided up into two sections: one for consumers and the other for sellers/vendors:


Advantages of Coupons for Consumers
There are dozens of ways to work the “coupon system” in order to maximize your savings.

-Some grocers and other retailers allow you to “stack” coupons, or use multiple coupons for a single item. Always ask the store manager and find out if you can use a manufacturer’s coupon along with a store coupon to multiply your savings. In most cases, major U.S. grocers allow you to do this.

-Besides “stacking,” there is the concept of “stocking” via coupon use. This means that you can leverage your savings by stocking up on goods that have a long shelf life (like canned goods and boxed/dry foods) by using a single coupon for multiple purchases. Read the fine print and you’ll notice that many coupons say something like “Limit 10,” or “Good for multiple purchases up to 24 units.”

If this is the case, try to find those staple items that your family uses and buy them in bulk, making certain to not exceed the coupon limit. This is a smart strategy to save large amounts of money on your grocery bill on items like rice, soups, sugar, and just about any canned product.

-Use coupons to “experiment” by purchasing something you have wanted to try but were deterred by a high price. When items like this offer coupons, it’s a good time to try them and see if you want to include them in your routine grocery purchases.

-Clothing stores often place e-coupons at various online locations. You can check with the corporate website of your favorite clothing stores to see if there are e-coupons available. This is a fantastic way to get large discounts on “seasonal” clothing and stock up on things you will need in a few months. Getting 50 percent off, for example, on a nice winter coat with an e-coupon available only in July is savvy shopping.


Advantages of Coupons for Businesses
Grocers and other retailers use coupons to promote items that are new, seasonal and are perhaps going through a sales slump. Here are some of the key benefits that retailers see with coupon offerings:

-Coupons help retailers “smooth out” seasonal items like cold drink mixes and soups, whose sales go up and down with seasonal temperatures. Convenience stores are famous for this method: they typically offer cents-off coupons on hot coffee during the summer, when fewer customers tend to choose a hot drink. The stores also offer coupons for cold drinks during the winter, using the same logic. This helps store owners boost sales of non-preferred items during that item’s “off-season” and thus smoothes out the cyclical sales levels.

-When retailers offer a coupon for an item, they are able to “bring in” new consumers who probably never used the item before. This is an ideal way for sellers to widen their market share and draw attention to a new product or to an old one that has been experiencing sales slippage.

-Sellers know that consumers have eating and spending “habits,” and coupons can reinforce those behaviors. When a new item makes its debut, for example, a retailer will typically offer a coupon for 10 or more percent off. This helps not only to introduce the product to new users but helps build early brand loyalty among those who really enjoy the item. Candy bars, ice cream products, and other “sweets” are good examples of products where sellers use this coupon method.


The Bottom Line on Coupons
If you are a consumer, always remember to read the fine print on coupons to discover the expiration date and any limits on how many items you can buy.

If you are a seller, knowing how to use a “coupon strategy” at different times of the year is a reliable way to increase sales, move excess inventory, and bring in new customers to your business.

Coupons are indeed a “win-win” for retailers and customers. Maybe that’s why there are millions of coupons in use every day of the year, all over the U.S.

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